Should I Use Genuine Oil or Cheaper Alternatives?

Yes. We should use the Genuine Engine Oil for the long life of Engine. Engine Oil is the life blood of the vehicle. It reduces the wear & tear of the parts components especially for tractors.

We should use the 20W/40 Genuine engine oil for tractors. This type of oil is specially made for the Slow Speed Engines like tractors. Genuine engine oil is suitable for Engine, Gear & Transmission and Hydraulic System of tractors.

Cheaper oil can be easily evaporate and the thickness of the oil is low when compared to Genuine Engine Oil. It causes frequent change of engine oil and increase the parts maintenance cost in the longer run.

The following are the benefits of the Genuine Oil

1. Genuine Oil is suitable for all weather conditions.

2. Genuine oil can be suitable for all applications in the tractors. It is convenient for the users.

3. It reduces wear&tear of the components.

4. It provides easy starting and longer battery life.

5. It minimises the maintenance cost of the tractors.